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Welcome to the small school with a big heart. Wrightstown Friends Nursery School offers programs for children two through six years old, including a three-day morning program and a four-day afternoon program.  Our class sizes are small, enabling teachers to provide an atmosphere designed to nurture each child's individual growth.  The emphasis is on happy working and playing together in a group setting.


Activities include reading and telling stories, nature exploration, music and movement, math manipulatives, dramatic play, art, outdoor play, blocks, cooking and wonderful field trips.  We believe in hands-on experiences.  Children learn about themselves, others, and the world around them through engaging experiences while receiving direction in making good choices and solving problems in a supportive environment.


Under the care of Wrightstown Friends Meeting, the nursery school is located on lovely historic grounds.  Parts of our Meetinghouse date back to 1721 while the present Meetinghouse was built in 1787.  A 300-year-old William Penn Oak Tree stands right between the schoolhouse and our beautiful playground.  Wrightstown Friends is indeed a significant part of Bucks County history.


Our Nursery School was founded in 1977 by Charlotte Patterson, a lifelong Wrightstown Friends Meeting member and a wonderful educator of young children.  From the start, Wrightstown Friends Nursery School was a special place where children learned to respect one another and find the Inner Light in everyone.  Charlotte's vision and the Quaker values of community, simplicity and peacemaking continue to be at the core of our nursery school program.  The school family quilt, field trips, art work and cooking projects began in those early years and remain an active component of our curriculum.

Families are an important part of our program.  We work together to share insights and experiences that instill a sense of community and a bridge between home and school.

For more information about Wrightstown Friends Nursery School or to arrange a visit, please contact us at 215-534-8832 or email

Our Mission Statement:

Wrightstown Friends Nursery School inspires the joy of learning, values the Light in each child, and nurtures a sense of loving community.

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