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Our Classrooms

At Wrightstown Friends Nursery School, we immerse children in learning experiences through their senses.


We Learn Through Our Hands

We believe that young children learn best through hands-on, creative activities like:

Tearing paper to make collages, printing with vegetables, sewing pockets to wear and class family quilts, flipping pancakes on Pajama Day, dipping candles at Thanksgiving, chipping away at ice to reveal dinosaur fossils, pouring tea for Grandma at our Grandparents Tea, hammering at the workbench, building an aquarium on the block room rug, playing with shaving cream, chopping veggies to make soup



We Learn With Our Imaginations

Our ever-changing Yellow Box may be a penguin igloo, an ice cream store or a whale watching boat.  Each week, it changes as we explore new territories, and the children are immersed in a new world of play.


We draw pictures for our journals while dictating the story to a teacher.  We learn that what we say can be written, and read back to us, building an important literacy connection.  It is great fun to sit in the Author’s Chair to share stories with an audience of friends.

We Learn With Our Hearts


The most important lesson we learn at Wrightstown Friends is how to have a friend, and how to be a friend.  Our wonderful teachers model kindness and compassion.  Through thoughtful games, we learn to take turns and listen to our friends.  The one-on-one time with teachers allows closeness to develop with each child.  Sharing snack and lunchtime at school helps us grow together as a school family.


Reaching out into the community helps us stretch our wings.  Our Buddy Program with Buckingham Friends School builds new connections.  Field trips to Pennswood Village, the George School post office and vegetable garden gives us opportunities to explore new places together.  Shaking hands with the firefighter or gardener that speaks with us teaches us the importance of good manners.

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