Our Staff

Our kind, creative teachers love to inspire each and every child. We keep class sizes small and teacher/student ratios high.
Karen Bryk
B.S., University of Delaware

Never did I imagine 20 years ago when I dropped my son off for his first day at Wrightstown Friends Nursery School that I would have the opportunity to teach at this amazing school. A few years later, my youngest daughter followed suit, and we have been part of the WFNS family ever since. I am thankful every day that I teach in such a loving and nurturing environment where children can learn and experience new challenges to help build their self-confidence.


I am a hands-on teacher who enjoys exploring new adventures through the eyes of a child. A favorite time of the WFNS year is sharing my love of sewing and crafting as each child helps create our treasured family quilts. I also enjoy joining the children for new games and fun science experiments as we build a love of learning together.


With each year at WFNS, I am reminded of what I enjoy the most – the unique sense of community that exists here as families and teachers work together to celebrate childhood.

Claranne Merlo
B.A., Loyola University

When I tell people that I have my “dream job” they usually chuckle, but it is the absolute truth. Teaching at Wrightstown Friends and opening my heart to all these wonderful children and their families has given me so much joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction in my life.


Wrightstown Friends Nursery School found me in 2007 when I was searching for a perfect fit for my four year old son, Matthew. In 2010, I walked through the doors of WFNS as a teacher. I enjoy teaching music with the children, opening up their imaginations to the wonders of the yellow box and block room rug, and finding that hidden polar bear or dinosaur in a simple piece of paper.


My passion for early childhood education comes from my mother, who was an elementary school teacher and principal for 35 years. I truly believe that teaching is in your heart, and it takes a big heart to shape little minds.

Laura Cherone
Assistant Teacher

I first discovered Wrightstown Friends Nursery School while shopping at the Wrightstown Farmers’ Market and enrolled my son, Sam, shortly thereafter.  Sam attended WFNS from 2013-2015 and for two wonderful years I watched him flourish and grow as our family became a part of the WFNS family. Sam and I both developed strong friendships and a loving bond with his first school.



When I was asked to join the WFNS teaching staff, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to stay connected with this wonderful school. I am grateful to all the families for welcoming me with such warm and open arms.  I love getting to know all your children and creating fond memories together. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with them!