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What We Believe


Wrightstown Friends Nursery School is committed to being a small school where each child is known and their individual growth is nurtured. There are many opportunities for families to be involved as together we develop a sense of community.


Our school is under the care of Wrightstown Friends Monthly Meeting.  As a Quaker school, we develop a foundation of simplicity, peace, integrity, mutual respect, trust, and intellectual curiosity.  An essential Quaker belief is that there is that of God in everyone.  


We feel that learning and growth can best take place in a loving atmosphere of firmness without rigidity.  WFNS creates a loving environment in which children look forward to being together, and where accomplishment is a shared celebration. Our children love school.


Being with young children means anticipating the unexpected, enjoying the wiggles and seeing the sparkle of a special smile.  Every day is full of possibilities and the joy of discovery.


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